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My Tips for Spicing Up Marriage

I love him beyond words, but after spending day in and day out together, working together and traveling together for over 10 years… sometimes things can feel, well, dull.

A lot of you asked recently on a poll for tips on how Grant and I spice things up so I thought I’d share a post. I’d be lying if I didn’t say that we’ve had our ups and downs, but there are a few tricks I bust out when things feel like they’re feeling a bit off.

Buy something Racey

This isn’t just for Grant, it’s for me too. I really prefer buying something sweet that I can actually wear out. I like pieces that slightly pop out from under my blazer and that way it leaves a little to the imagination when we are having dinner.

Compliment Your Spouse

It seems simple, but a simple compliment can really go a long way. The more I seem to compliment Grant, the more he will dish it back out.

Us in Bali on our honeymoon in 2011

Say “Yes”

If one of you comes up with an idea that you think sounds fun, don’t hesitate with a “Yes!” response. Something as simple as saying “Yes,” even if you have other plans, will really freshen up your marriage.

Prepare For Each Other

This is my favorite one and the thing I probably do the most often. When your loved one is coming home, do a once over around the house to spruce things up. Make a set of cocktails, pop out a bowl of almonds and host a little happy hour for two. It will really set a nice tone for the evening and who doesn’t love coming home to a clean and happy home?

This was taken a month before our engagement in 2009

Send a Flirty Text

Why is it that after years of marriage the simple things like a cute text seem to fall by the wayside? Even if you just send a funny Giph or stream of emoji’s – try to make each other laugh.

Stand Up For Each Other

There is nothing hotter to me than when Grant (who is often very shy and not outspoken) stands up for me in front of others. Whether it’s sharing how amazing of a week I had at work or stepping up for a cause I am passionate about, this is always a winner in my book!

What are some tips you have for spicing things up? Leave a comment below. 

xoxo jacey

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