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My Makeshift Playroom

Things have really been moving and shaking around the house since we had a baby.

June is officially on the move and we’ve started baby-proofing plugs, adding gates at the bottom of our stairs and moved around some furniture to make sure we’re ready for this girl to crawl.

There was a bedroom/office/empty room downstairs that we really didn’t put much love into when we moved into the house a year ago. It it now making the perfect play room/t.v. room for us to hole up in. I love this space because it’s super cozy and everything feels really soft in it.

June can’t really get into trouble when she is in here because we have a soft play mat, covered the plugs and all of the furniture is soft and durable.

Now please don’t judge the space too much. We have two poufs, no coffee table and there really isn’t a ton of furniture in it, but that’s the way that I like it so that June can crawl around and be completely free.

Nonetheless, a lot of you have been asking me for details about this room because we spend a lot of time in here – so, here you go!

xoxo jacey

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