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Anthropologie Has an Overnight Oats Ornament and, of Course, We Already Ordered It

As if your overnight oats obsession wasn’t already at its peak, now you can top it off with this overnight oats ornament from Anthropologie ($34). When friends and relatives come over to marvel at your gorgeous Christmas tree, seeing this festively colored glass decoration is just the thing you need to let everyone know you’re totally obsessed with this practical, timesaving, and incredibly delicious breakfast.

As if this ornament wasn’t already amazing, it looks like it’s pumpkin-spice flavored with chia seeds, because Anthropologie knows how important it is to you to get your omega-3s. Topped with fresh strawberries and sliced banana, this ornament would also make the perfect gift for your equally obsessed overnight oats-loving friend. Give it to them with a bag of oats and a few beautifully colored mason jars, and they’ll agree that this is the best gift ever!


overnight oats ornament from Anthropologie

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